Play based learning tools in Kuwait’s National Green Schools Program

BFS supported Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) and Upcycler’s Lab to implement the use of play-based learning tools in the Kuwaiti National “Green Schools” Program. The pilot project was to be implemented in 10 schools in Kuwait in the Capital Governorate as a part of Phase 1. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the implementation has been delayed a bit, and will now take place in the second half of 2020. The aim of the program is to change behaviour and mindset of consumers around waste and create environmental awareness. These kinds of behaviour change projects will help propel Kuwait faster towards a circular economy and modern waste management.

Project details


Since most behaviour in humans is developed by age 9 and over 80% of learning happens outside the traditional classroom, the products will focus on educating children between ages 2-9.

Experiential Learning

Children retain more when taught through play and the goal of this project is to enable children to be changemakers in their communities to increase rates of segregation and encourage better consumption.

5 in 1 Toolbox

The first tool to be implemented, the 5 in 1 box, is a box of 5 learning tools including a board game on waste segregation among other tools.