Upgrading e-Waste Management in Rwanda

BFS, together with colleagues from Ramboll, supported the technical assessment for a European Union delegation in Rwanda. BFS analysed how to evaluate the feasibility of business models in the recycling sector in Africa and how to increase treatment capacities for hazardous waste in emerging countries. For that, BFS conducted a feasibility study for the establishment of sustainable waste management systems for end of life solar products and waste batteries in the existing e-Waste facility located in Bugasera Industrial Park. BFS assessed various stakeholders and treatment facilities in the land of a thousand hills, including facilities for e-scrap, lead batteries, Lithium batteries as well as the informal sector in the country. This project is part of an increasing commitment of BFS in the African continent, now being active in three countries in West and East Africa.

Project details

Feasibility Study

Establishment of sustainable collection systems, dismantling and recycling lines for end-of-life solar products and waste batteries in the existing e-Waste dismantling and recycling facility located in Bugesera Industrial Park, Rwanda.

e-Waste Management System Assessment

Assessment of collection centres, transport systems, equipment and engineering required to dismantle, recycle and dispose of e-Waste from solar products.


Established and accepted the need for Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR), wherein producers are given a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of waste products.