Onsite solutions for hazardous waste management worldwide. BlackForest Solutions offers all-round service packages for the preparation of international hazardous waste movements under Basel Convention – also in crisis and development regions.



Site assessment and material sampling

In preparation for hazardous and non-hazardous waste exports, the available quantities, types of packaging and exact waste compositions must be recorded and evaluated on site. BlackForest Solutions offers these services worldwide onsite at plants, interim storages and landfills for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

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Waste analysis and classification

Especially in case of mixed or contaminated waste types with an unknown waste genesis, a laboratory analysis and corresponding classification according to internationally valid classifications (Basel, EWC, IMDG etc.) is indispensable for an export or usage of local treatment capacities. BlackForest Solutions carries out on-site sampling, sample transportations and the final hazardous waste classification.

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Professional repackaging of hazardous waste

To meet international packing regulations for hazardous waste transports (IMDG/ADR/RID etc.) and to ensure a safe interim storage on site, onsite repackaging of hazardous waste amounts is usually necessary. BlackForest Solutions delivers UN-certified packaging materials, on-site packaging services, and the final documentation of the repackaged hazardous waste.

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International logistic management

BlackForest Solutions organizes and monitors hazardous waste logistics worldwide. In addition to the transport notification (Basel Convention) and international maritime transports, this service also includes cargo services and safety concepts for national routes in crisis regions and development areas - based on established partnerships on the ground.

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Hazardous waste leakage respond and remediation services

In case of hazardous waste leakages during the production, storage or transportation of hazardous wastes (such as mercury contamination), BlackForest Solutions is able to advise and conduct emergency respond measures within a few hours worldwide.

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Onsite consultancy and operational management

The BlackForest Solutions engineering team can be deployed worldwide as an operational consultancy and management unit for municipal solid waste treatment facilities, focused on developing regions. BlackForest Solutions offers short project cycles (technical and administrative optimization processes) or long-term framework contracts (e.g. facility management).

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