The BlackForest Solutions engineering team consults private investors, governments and public sector institutions with waste management concepts and waste treatment facility designs. Worldwide and tailormade for the target region and waste types to be handled.



Consultancy for international waste management challenges

BlackForest Solutions offers technical and economic feasibility studies, optimization projects, as well as the development of business models with focus on waste treatment facilities in the MENA region.

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Technical facility concepts

BlackForest Solutions offers flexible service packages for the planning, installation and start of operations of waste treatment facilities. BlackForest Solutions creates tender documents and designs facility concepts, prepares operational plans and uses existing trading networks for potentially separated materials and hazardous wastes. BlackForest Solutions exclusively works with renowned facility builders from the EU and organizes facility transportations, monitors onsite installations and the start of operations of waste treatment facilities in development areas.

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Used specialized EU waste treatment equipment

BlackForest Solutions offers a complete service package for the quality inspection, purchasing, transport, export / import and installation of used facility components for the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (WEEE, hazardous waste, household waste etc.). Our portfolio focusses on high-quality complete systems (municipal waste, WEEE etc.) and special technical solutions (hazardous waste).

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Knowledge transfer programs

BlackForest Solutions organizes workshops, trainings (on-site or in Germany), delegation trips, manages knowledge transfer processes and initiates awareness-raising programs. We are active worldwide and focus on development areas. Our background covers the collection, transportation, storage, treatment, recycling and disposal of hazardous waste and municipal waste. In addition, REACH / GHS, IMDG / ADR / RID and the regulations of the Basel Convention can be imparted.

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