Participation du secteur privé dans la gestion des déchets ménagers: l’expérience allemande

Waste management in Germany guarantees high service qualities, advanced technology implementation levels and thus an environmentally friendly collection, handling, transportation and treatment of any waste type occurring. To reach this stage of waste management quality in Germany, many law regulations, positive and forcing incentives and public awareness raising were implemented. As consequence, waste management operators, facility manufacturers and all involved managing units were forced to be innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable way to remain profitable. To share the lessons learned with other countries and offer practical solutions for Algeria, GIZ Algier and its partners (i.a. BFS, the German Federal Ministry for Environmental and Nuclear Safety, Cyclos, Wastecon, University of Rostock and BSR) joined hands and organized the first bilateral environmental dialogue on waste management in Algeria, hosted by the Algerian Ministry of Environment.

Project details


The SIEERA 2018 (“Salon International d’Environnement et des Énergies Renouvelable, Alger”) was the first bilateral waste management workshop on technology and policy advice, as well as exhibition event between Algeria and Germany.

Conferences and political dialogues

BFS supported the preparation and on-site organization of the conference and the environmental dialogue with approx. 200 participants, including the H.E. Minister of Environment of Algeria.

BFS workshop contents

The team of BlackForest Solutions hold lectures and workshops worldwide in order to spread the word of profitable waste management grass-roots approaches. Instead of CAPEX intensive facility setups only, BFS is specialized on help a waste management startup growing in difficult surroundings in a sustainable way.