Curriculum Development for Waste Management and Entrepreneurship Hub in Egypt

In the project lead by cewas “Curriculum Development for Delta Technological University (DTU)”, the team from BFS prepared a syllabus for a course on“Waste Management Technologies" with a focus on industrial waste. Apart from the syllabus, also a “Business Plan Framework” was developed by cewas to operate the course on a viable basis and to develop it further into a training module for different target groups including waste entrepreneurs. Suggestions were made to manage the envisioned "entrepreneurship hub" at the DTU in a sustainable way, and to propose ways and means for future twinning between DTU and other educational entities to develop the services offered through both the study programme and business perspectives at large.

Project details

Training for Entrepreneurship

Students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs and small new businesses in the environmental sector have a high demand for knowledge transfer to existing best-available technologies, standards, regulatory frameworks, and business practices in the waste sector. The are introduced to existing market players and technologies and trained for effectively establishing their own business in the waste sector.


Industrial Waste

Valorisation of process waste from industrial activities is a rarely tought subject at universities or courses aimed at waste management. These waste streams arise in high quantities and homogneitiy and offer great opportunities for reuse and recycling by applying technological solutions.

Business Development

Besides the theoretical analysis and study it is important to realize the implementation of profitable business models in the circular economy. Those business models are addressed to the entrepreneurs as well as to the underserved community and they are creating jobs and employment.