Hong Kong: Process change, promoting more sustainability

As a consequence of Chinese government import restrictions “National Sword” which will come into force in January 2018 also for plastic recycling products, recycling companies are obliged to change their processes significantly. BFS provides support from a technical and economic perspective during the process changes so that those companies will retain their access to the Chinese market and their competitiveness. BFS conducts the project planning for their clients which also includes a qualitative and quantitative assessment of hand sorting trials of municipal solid waste as well as the regional sales of the final products. In the view of BFS the import restrictions are a meaningful measurement by the Chinese government since this will promote innovations in the waste management sector and thus contributing a valuable input to climate protection.

Project details

Process change

BFS support change of process towards more sustainability. The process changes are generally initiated by change of regulations.

Plastic recycling

BFS has several years of experience in the field of plastic recycling technology implementation. BFS supports plastic recycling sales and marketing as well as operation and optimization of plastic recycling facilities.

Hand sorting analysis

BFS conducts hand sorting analysis for municipal solid waste (MSW). The focus is set on the quantitative anaylsis of secondary raw materials such as PET, PE, PP, aluminum, paper and cardboard and other secondary raw material).