Thailand innovation and design EXPO 2017

In September 2017, the Thailand Innovation and Design Expo was held in Bangkok. Aim was to concentrate Thai and International startups, environmental and sustainability-related companies, end costumers, universities and authority officials - in order to discuss lessons learned from abroad and national potentials in Thailand with the target of a growing sustainable economy in this upraising country.

Project details

T.I.D.E. 2017

TIDE2017 channel

More media, photos and videos to be found on the TIDE FB channel.

Conferences and political dialogues

BFS was key speaker at the environmental branch of the TIDE2017 event, representing the German RETech Waste Management branch association for South-East Asia.

Waste to Energy and RDF approaches

Waste to energy approaches seem perfect with the view on often low renewable energy rates and limited landfill capacities in emerging markets – but the implementation requires detailed studies and serious consideration of alternatives.