Guatemala: Mercury waste disposal from gold mines

As first team in the Central American region, together with its local partner REPELSA, BFS is offering the A-Z disposal service of mercury contaminated hazardous waste from the gold mining sector in Guatemala. As local treatment capacities can not yet handle this type of waste, BFS is supports with Basel Convention notification licensing, international hazardous waste transportation services and disposal facility mediation with our EU partners.

Project details


Mercury is a highly poisonous heavy metal which evaporates at room temperature. The decontamination of leakages requires high technical and logistical efforts.

Mercury in the mining sector

Especially the gold mining sector is a major pollutant of mercury contamination into ground water, organisms and the air with huge effects on the environment and living conditions.

Basel Convention

The trade and mediation of international hazardous waste amounts into certified EU facility promotes international cooperation and protects the environment against illegal dumping.