Recycling in Ethiopia

Recycling in Ethiopia: BFS is supporting a GIZ project to create development-oriented business opportunities in the circular economy in Ethiopia. BFS and its business partner, plastic2beans, are assessing the market on site and they have completed a detailed report on the recycling sector in Ethiopia. In training and awareness programs and specialized conferences BFS and plastic2beans started a public-private dialogue in the recycling sector in Ethiopia in order to define jointly what is required for completing the value chains and create a value-addition in the recycling sector in Ethiopia. In particular BFS consulted on recommendation on the policy level and business models for the circular economy in Ethiopia.

Project details

Implementation of business models

Besides the theoretical analysis and study it is important to realize the implementation of profitable business models in the circular economy. Those business models are addressed to the entrepreneurs as well as to the underserved community and they are creating jobs and employment.


Plastic Recycling

When rules and regulations are implemented a smart and environmentally compatible plastic recycling is possible. In Ethiopia with more than 100 million inhabitants and a booming construction sector the demand for recycled plastic is huge. BFS is supporting to close this gap by creating new sources of secondary raw material.

Mentoring of start-ups

BFS supports start-ups in Ethiopia to implement a successful business model. BFS links those start-ups with other international companies and markets and is discussing potential financial support from investors and public funds.