Argentina: Environmental dialogue in preparation for the upcoming G20 presidency of Argentina

In 2018, Argentina will provide the next presidency of the G20. Sustainability will be one major topic. In preparation for possible implementations, an Environmental Dialogue was held under the patronage of the Argentinian Environmental Ministry (H.E. Sergio Bergman), the Chamber of Commerce AHK Buenos Aires, GIZ and with support from BFS. The dialogue was held in September 2017. Different stakeholders were linked such as private and public waste management companies of Argentina, the informal sector (“cartoneros”) as well as the Ministries and local municipalities. Especially the EPR (extended producer responsibility), the inclusion of the informal sector and alternatives to landfill have been discussed. As a highlight of the dialogue the open source circular economy days (OSCEdays) were held in Buenos Aires for the first time in history. Organized and conducted by BFS.

Project details

Conferences and political dialogues

BFS has prepared and organized the conference and the Environmental dialogue with approx. 100 participants in Buenos Aires.

Extended Producer Responsibility

The extended producer responsibility (EPR) is an important element towards a sustainable circular economy. BFS consults in regards to the implementation of the EPR in the field of packaging, WEEE and dangerous goods/dangerous waste (batteries, fluorescent tubes).