Military hazardous waste

In cooperation with the ALBA Group, BlackForest Solutions has finalized the disposal service for a few thousand tons of military hazardous waste from Afghanistan (with a transit through Pakistan). From various military camps in Afghanistan approx. 80 different hazardous waste types were packed, notified, consolidated and shipped to Germany via the border to Pakistan - for a final and safe disposal under Basel Convention regulations. The founding team of BlackForest Solutions were the first ever exporters using the Pakistani NOC (non-objective certificate) on this route.

Project details

Military hazardous waste

Military hazardous waste from stationary camps usually consists of common industrial hazardous waste. Often the main problem is the local logistics.

Camp services in remote areas and crisis regions

To protect the local environment and population by means of dumped hazardous waste, even remote camps (oil & gas, military) must properly dispose of their hazardous waste. Usually, no local solutions are available

Security concepts in crisis areas

For hazardous waste exports from crisis areas, BlackForest Solutions always establishes a comprehensive security concept for transports and its employees.