Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE) Days 2017 in Dubai

As in 2016, BlackForest Solutions organize the OSCE Days in Dubai together with its local partners and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. The Open Source Circular Economy Days are a platform for waste management experts, where knowledge can be shared worldwide (via the OSCE platform and worldwide events) and challenges by the local waste generators can be raised.

Project details

Waste Management Events Worldwide

BFS organizes international waste management events. These events are supporting the exchange of special knowledge, networking and raising the awareness among local communities and decision makers.

Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE)

A transparent and open source circular economy aiming at the minimization of waste generation and maximizing the re-use of materials worldwide is the main target of the circular economy movement.

Open Source Waste Management

An open source waste management system aims at the free distribution / sharing of technical waste disposal concepts, defined disposal processes, needed materials etc., so that e.g. low-income communities can implement solutions themselves.