Mercury Decontamination in Dubai

In a security area of Dubai Airport – the world 2nd largest airport regarding international passenger numbers – a contamination with acutely poisonous liquid mercury occurred. Under the supervision and management of BlackForest a security concept has been implemented, a clean-up of the spillage and a repackaging and safe storage has been realized. Afterwards BlackForest manages the notification of this hazardous waste according to the Basel Convention and its safe transport and final disposal in Germany.

Project details


Mercury is a highly poisonous heavy metal which evaporates at room temperature. The decontamination of leakages requires high technical and logistical efforts.


Leaks and spillage can occur during the production, storage and transportation of hazardous waste. An immediate emergency respond is crucial.


For a safe international transportation of hazardous waste, several packing regulations must be observed (e.g. IMDG, ADR, etc.). A repackaging of waste is usually necessary.