Iraq: Income generation & stabilization policy

GIZ local office in Baden-Württemberg is conducting a project until December 2017 that targets to improve the living conditions and infrastructure in Dohuk, North Iraq. This project is supported by a GIZ program which aims at opening education, training and income for community members in Dohuk as well as refugees and internally displaced people living in that community. BFS is supporting via technical onsite consultancy services. The target of the expert mission is to set examples of entrepreneurial activities in the field of solid waste management, plastic recycling, used cooking oil recycling and other urban mining activities in order to create jobs, know-how and to improve the living conditions and stability in the community.

Project details

Income generation

BFS creates business models within the circular economy and urban mining to generate income, investment and stabilization in rural areas of a crisis region.

Training and awareness

BFS conducts training and awareness programs in the field of waste and recycling. BFS is focused on practical examples and profitable business models that also works in developping regions.

Waste management consultancy in crisis zones

BFS also offers its services in crisis zones and gained experiences i.a. in Afghanistan and Iraq.